The Secret Behind David Pollack Weight Loss Diet and Healthy Workout Plan

David Pollack is a former American football player ( Source : https://247sports )

David Pollack, a former linebacker in American football, underwent a surreal weight loss transformation.

As a footballer, being a muscular and strapping-built individual is always a plus point. It helps them win duels and perform strongly in the game. Primarily his linebacker position with a defensive role demands physically strong players who can stop opposition mid-air.

Pollack played two seasons in the most competitive football league in the world, the National Football League (NFL), with the Cincinnati Bengals from 2005 to 2007 after the Bengals selected him in the 17th pick of round one.

He had an incredible NFL career before an unfortunate event happened in his second season. In only the second game of his second season, he sustained a horrible injury that would terminate his playing career in 2007.

Quick Facts About A Former NFL Linebacker David Pollack

Full NameDavid M. Pollack
Weight255 lb (116 kg)
Height6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
WifeLindsey Pollack
BornJune 19, 1982
BirthplaceNew Brunswick, New Jersey, United States
ProfessionFormer Football Linebacker
Net Worth$500 Thousand

David Pollack now works as a sports analyst
David Pollack now works as a sports analyst( Source : https://theclemsoninsider )

Former NFL Star David Pollack Weight Loss Transformation, Before And After

Born in New Jersey, USA, David Pollack underwent a massive weight loss transformation after his playing career. 

Despite his ongoing weight issues, David Pollock dropped to 245 pounds, a tremendous shift while playing in NFL. He shared the same comment both before and after he dropped weight. He currently weighs 255 lbs (116 kg).

"You worry about your weight because you have to be big, and you have to be strong." Pollack expressed his concern about weight during his playing career and said he had to gain more weight because of his defensive duty in the game.

The one thing that I started to realize is initially, you lose strength, but it's just like anything else. Aware that he was lighter in the previous season, David also says that his weight increase has had a negative psychological impact. Although Pollack felt he had lost some strength, he returned to the gym and became even more robust.

Pollock also shares he was pretty overweight during his junior high at UGA, but everything changed when he entered his senior year and drastically reduced his weight. He also realized losing weight cost him lost in strength as he felt weak after the weight loss. As a result, he again gained weight and went from 265 pounds to solid 400 pounds in no time.

Nevertheless, he felt his performance during the previous season, when he was still 265 pounds, was superior. He claims that every season was a learning experience for him, during which he developed significantly and changed in his unique way.

David Pollack Weight Loss: Before and After Photo
David Pollack Weight Loss: Before and After Photo ( Source : twitter )

Inside David Pollack Diet and Workout Plan

David Pollack has played a back-and-forth game with his weight for a few, all by changing his diets and insane workout plans.

He is not sick, but anybody following his wild workout and diet plans is highly likely to get sick. But for Pollock, deciding to reduce his weight from 265 to 245 required some thought and deliberation.

Despite suffering a terrible injury, he gradually increased it by altering his eating habits and exercising. Every day he runs at least a mile and encourages other people to do the same.

Pollock travels a lot, almost every day of the week. His hotel room benefits as his gym because he is continuously on the run. Pollack tries to run for his cardio and performs specific workouts when he can. Even though he doesn't have much free time, he continues to challenge himself. 

David Pollack weight reached over 400 lbs during his NFL career
David Pollack weight reached over 400 lbs during his NFL career ( Source : ajc )

David Pollack Workout Plan

  • jog/walk/run 1+ miles each day.
  • Use only your body weight for push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and other workouts.
  • Get up and exercise as much as you can each day to maintain your health in all its aspects.

Pollack Diet Summary

The former NFL player claimed that it is apparent that he avoided processed meals and anything artificial or packaged. He had to go through a lengthy procedure in order to break his previous behaviors, which took a lot of time.

When his NFL career was over, Pollack weighed over 290 pounds. After he stopped needing to eat so much, though, he scheduled a meeting with a nutritionist. He began to read the nutrition facts on food labels.

The 40-year-old consumes only entire, unprocessed, wild-caught meals, and he won't ingest anything with more than four components. He states that he will never longer order triple burgers or shakes.

According to Fitness Clone, Pollack has classified food as consumable and inconsumable for a healthy diet.

What To Eat What Not To Eat
Fresh vegetables Refined sugar
naturally-raised meat
Processed foods
Wild caught fish and eggs Refined carbs
Olive oil Genetically-modified
foods (GMOs)
Avocados Fats
Locally-grown fruit Artificial ingredients

Who Is David Pollack Wife? Family Life and Children

Former American football linebacker David Pollack is fortunate to have a wife like Lindsey Pollack.

She stood with him through all his hardship while he was severely injured during his second season of playing in the NFL. Former Cincinnati Bengals player Pollack married Lindsey Pollack, his longtime partner.

However, regarding his nuptials and dating activities, the celebrity has remained mum. However, on May 7, 2014, he shared a photo of himself and his wife on Twitter, which was the most delicate thing he ever did. The couple has welcomed two children, Nicholas and Leah, who turned 15 and 13 this year. 

That day was their ninth marriage anniversary. So by math, in 2022, they tied the wedding knot around 2005, so by 2022, they would have been married for almost 18 years. Pollack values family time and is a devoted husband and father. In addition to being serious in his approach to his work, he loves his family without conditions.

David Pollack with his wife Lindsey and their two children
David Pollack with his wife Lindsey and their two children ( Source : pollackfamilyfoundation )

David Pollack Career Ending Neck Injury in 2006

David Pollack, 40, suffered a fatal injury blow that ultimately cut out his professional career short in 2006.

When Pollack tackled running back Reuben Droughns in the first quarter of a 2006 game against the Cleveland Browns, an in-state rival team, he was later found to have shattered his sixth cervical vertebrae.

In order to recuperate from a tackle-related neck fracture, Pollack was required to employ a 3-lb. titanium halo that was twisted into his skull. He was also warned that he would become permanently paralyzed. Since it meant his career was finished, he was understandably terrified, as any other person would.

The athlete had to remain on the pitch for over a year, during which time he needed to wear a halo brace for approximately three months. All his fans were disappointed by the injury and assumed that the football player's career would end due to the significant harm.

Fortunately, his wife Lindsey provided him with a lot of support throughout the accident, enabling him to bounce back quickly from his wounds. In addition to helping him maintain a healthy weight, Lindsey also advised him how to lose weight while his body was mending.

David Pollack suffered a fatal neck injury in 2006
David Pollack suffered a fatal neck injury in 2006 ( Source : sportscasting )

What is David Pollack Net Worth? 2022 Update

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the former NFL player has managed an estimated net worth of $500,000.

His earning's during his playing career in the National Football League were $1,300,000 in the first year, which exponentially increased to $5,613,520 in his second season but dropped to $535,000 a season later after blowing out the rest of the season due to horrendous injury in 2006.

After sustaining a career-ending injury and being unable to play, he formally retired on April 22, 2008. Later, he experimented in several other ventures. He even founded his own business, FanBan, which creates sports banners with images of athletes and college football team logos. 

Moreover, Pollack initiated a new gig as a sports talk presenter on Atlanta's 790 The Zone on September 9, 2008. He started working in the CBS college football studios in 2008 as well. Pollack joined ESPN as a collegiate sports announcer in 2009.

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