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Catch Big Game Fish With These 9 Fishing Charters In Miami

Double threat fishing charter is a company based in Miami Florida
Double threat fishing charter is a company based in Miami Florida( Source : facebook )

Fishing charters in Miami are thrilling water activities in South Florida. Enjoy the sun and relax while fishing in South Florida.

South Florida's most exciting outdoor adventure is catching fish while relaxing on the boat. 

The charter's goal is to show the tourist the local experience and how they live. Moreover ensuring that the visitors also have a good time doing so.

A quick ride to the deep blue sea for offshore hunting is the place's delight.

The potential for this adventure in Miami is sometimes eclipsed by a plethora of other well-known sights and activities.

This excursion can easily compete with any of their Caribbean rivals for large adventurous games.

1. Old Hat Deep Sea Fishing Charters

The best deep sea fishing is provided by Old Hat. They take pride in being the cleanest charter boat in South Florida.

A 43' bespoke boat named "Old Hat" was constructed in 1979 and fully rebuilt in 2004 with new Cummins engines.

This charter boat has some of the best gear and is one of the cleanest in the area. Everything you need for deep-sea is on board, including a fighting chair, outriggers, and a flybridge.

One of the cleanest deep sea fishing experience is provided by Old Hat
One of the cleanest deep sea fishing experience is provided by Old Hat( Source : facebook )

This charter fishing in Miami trip starts from $800 on their website. The boat they provide for the trip will appear as though you never left land thanks to the onboard bathroom and the air-conditioned cabin.

Trips leave from the inlet located halfway between Hollywood Beach and Miami Beach. It takes only six minutes to go to the ocean from there, where you may go for Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Barracuda, Tuna, and many more.

The team will assist you in trying your hand at trolling, bottom fishing, and kite fishing, depending on the species.

A license and top-notch equipment such as bespoke rods and Shimano reels, are provided by Old Hat Fishing Charters. You are welcome to retain your catch, and the staff will clean and fillet it for you, depending on the species.

2. Free Spool Sportfishing - Private Charters

Spool gives a great way to bring excitement to your day with sport fishing.

Capt. Dennis Forgione and his crew on board will make sure you and everyone on deck have an amazing trip. Regardless of whether the visitor lives here and likes sport fishing in Miami or is on vacation and seeking a terrific experience.

Where Dennis is a true original and no other captain in Miami has the history that he has. He recalls going on the team as a child with his father aboard the Tiki, a drift boat that his father operated off of Haulover Marina from 1957 until 1995.

The boat of free pool sailing on the coast of South Florida
The boat of free pool sailing on the coast of South Florida( Source : facebook )

Florida gulf fishing charters provide deep-sea sports Off Miami and Miami Beach. The experts provide Kite, live bait, and anchor fishing for different kinds of species.

The team likes fishing for swordfish, tilefish, and other rare deep-water fish by trolling, jigging, and deep-dropping.

3. Stay Fishy Inc

Stay Fishy Inc. invites you to experience Miami’s backyard and what it’s like to navigate the local waters.

On an 18' Sea Ark boat that can accommodate up to 6 fishermen safely, the expedition gets underway. There is an ice box on this boat. There is also land-based fishing accessible; a boat is not required.

Your expedition fee includes all necessary fishing gear. Making the most of it is your only duty. The captain will take care of all licensing requirements, so you don't need to worry about them. You are allowed to keep any legal species you catch throughout the excursion.

fishing charter prices for Stay Fishy Inc start from $400 at the fishing booker website. It is one of the cheap rates provided for the outdoor adventure.

You may bring your own beverages, which are also included in the cost of your excursion. In case you have any inquiries or specific requests, do let the captain know.

You are invited to bring your kids along for an enjoyable excursion since this is a family-friendly charter.

4. Spearoholic Excursions

Spearoholic brings various life-thrilling experiences. It has packages from spearfishing, offshore fishing and island foodie tours.

They provide spaces for novice to expert divers. Free divers with years of experience lead each excursion. Equipment is offered. A particular catch and cook marks the end of the journey. 

friends enjoying spearfishing with Spearoholic
friends enjoying spearfishing with Spearoholic( Source : instagram )

Miami fishing boat for four individuals ranges from $400 to 1700, and the duration is 4 to 8 hours.

Another option is offshore/inshore rod fishing, which includes live bait in addition to everything else. This journey is ideal for days when the seas offshore are rough or if any members of your group are prone to motion or sea sickness.

They also provide access to an island lounge. To experience our hallmark dishes, tiradito, and ceviche made from the catch of the day, seafood is freshly caught before your journey. Any bottle of alcohol you bring will be used to make custom drinks on board.

5. Sampei Acqua Adventures

Sampei gives a unique aqua adventure for guests friends and family. They make sure people enjoy Miami's crystal water fully.

Their goal as a company is to create unforgettable moments enjoying water activities and also catering seafood experiences for the guest.

They catch and cook fresh seafood in front of the guests while they drink a freshly crafted cocktail while they rest on the sandy beach.

Sampei Acqua Adventures offers thrilling adventure for friends and family
Sampei Acqua Adventures offers thrilling adventure for friends and family( Source : tripadvisor )

This charter fishing in Miami starts with a price range from a low of $349.

Also, the package also offers a kid-friendly experience if they even want to bring their child along with them.

The slogan for their company is Miami Beach has a fish with your name on it – let Sampei Acqua Adventures help you catch it!

6. Avimar Fishing Co

Come offshore sportfish with Avimar Fishing Co. and pursue a variety of fascinating species.

Captain Andres Bustamante has been in this line of work for more than 20 years off the coast of Miami. He and his staff work tirelessly to get visitors the excitement and if required, they will waste gasoline and put in additional time.

Your journey will begin aboard a 30' Baja Cruiser King Cat 296 offshore sport boat that has been refurbished. It has twin 225 HP Mercury engines and seating for up to five people.

A family enjoying fishing with Avimar fishing team
A family enjoying fishing with Avimar fishing team( Source : facebook )

The price for this trip is on the little expensive side from $900 to $2000.

The onboard navigational tools include a GPS, a radio, and an EPIRB Global FIX V4 from the USCG.

The boat has a live well, ice box, downrigger planers, and toilet. There will also be a first mate on board to take care of all your requirements while on the voyage.

You just need to pack some food for the trip since Captain Andres will supply you with all other necessities, such as licenses, rods, reels, tackle, live bait, and lures.

Additionally, he will clean and fillet the species you caught so that it is ready to cook when you get home.

7. Frost Bite Fishing Charters

Miami-based Frost Bite Fishing Charters strives to provide you with an unforgettable experience in these waters.

Capt. Jason, who has more than 23 years of expertise, will make every effort to ensure that you have an enjoyable day/

Depending on the time of year and the weather, these 5 to 9-hour excursions entail mostly fishing for Mahi Mahi, Barracuda, King Mackerel, Amberjack, and Snapper.

Frost Bite Fishing Charters provides an experience of lifetime on a boat
Frost Bite Fishing Charters provides an experience of lifetime on a boat( Source : frostbitecharters )

You may anticipate the utilization of methods like light tackle, heavy tackle, trolling, jigging, kite fishing, and spinning on these excursions.

Your fishing trip begins aboard a 36' Everglades boat, which can accommodate up to 6 individuals safely. This boat includes an ice chest and toilet.

8. Icbluecharters

In Icebluecharters fishing from a 22’ Epic bay boat that accommodates up to 4 guests.

They have the latest advanced technology to get you on the boat and are powered by a 150 HP Suzuki engine. A live bait tank, a cooler, and a wireless Minn-Kota Ulterra engine are all included.

Deep sea fishing in Florida boat contains the greatest lifesaving gear needed in the event of an emergency and is appropriately insured.

 Icbluecharters has one of the coolest boat in the market
Icbluecharters has one of the coolest boat in the market( Source : fishingbooker )

The American Red Cross has recognized Captain's certificates in all areas of lifesaving. There are cozy seats to make your journey more enjoyable.

Your fishing gear, including live bait, is completely protected. Although the boat has fresh water, feel free to bring your own snacks and beverages.

9. Nomad Fishing Charters

For nearshore and offshore sport fishing in Miami, Florida, pick Nomad Fishing Charters.

Captain Orlando 'Orly' Muniz has always enjoyed being on the water, and he has spent more than 30 years honing his skills. He is committed to giving consumers a good time so they would return again and again. Come along with him for the chance to catch an incredible species.

Nomad Fishing Charters provides nearshore and offshore experience
Nomad Fishing Charters provides nearshore and offshore experience ( Source : facebook )

Charter boat fishing in Florida sought-after large game species in the world, including Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Sharks, and a variety of reef species, may be found in great abundance in the seas of the Atlantic Ocean. You may bottom fish close to a lot of wrecks and reefs while on a trip with Capt. Orly, in addition to trolling and kite fishing offshore.

A license and top-notch equipment from renowned manufacturers like Daiwa, Shimano, and Shakespeare, all spooled with quality line and terminal tackle, are included in Nomad Charters trips.

Capt. Orly will be pleased to clean and bag the fish for you if you desire to retain it but bear in mind that you should tip the captain 15% to 20% of the charter cost for his or her work.