Who Are Jacob Ramsey Parents? Brother Aaron Ramsey And Siblings

English young footballer Jacob Ramsey plays for PL club Aston Villa ( Source : goal )

Jacob Ramsey parents have developed a football dynasty at Aston Villa, with all three kids playing at the club.

Styled as "The Ramsey brothers," Jacob Ramsey and his brother Aaron continue their dream start to the season.

Jacob and Ramsey are causing a stir this season at both the senior and junior levels for Aston Villa. Aaron Ramsey has made sure he isn't the overlooked sibling after older brother Jacob established himself in Villa's first squad this season.

Ramsey registered in Aston Villa's youth academy when he was six years old. He was frequently one of his age's tiniest juvenile football players. He would combine his football training with boxing exercises with his father, an ex-professional boxer, to add strength.

Besides, the young Aston Villa product has amassed a substantial social media following. His Instagram account @jacobramseyy has 142k followers with just 55 uploads.

Quick Facts About English Footballer Jacob Ramsey

Full NameJacob Matthew Ramsey
ParentsMark ‘Razor’ Ramsey
SibkingsAaron, Cole and Renee Ramsey
Net Worth$1 million
ProfessionFootball Midfielder
TeamAston Villa

Jacob Ramsey with his former teammate Jack Grealish
Jacob Ramsey with his former teammate Jack Grealish( Source : instagram )

Who Are Jacob Ramsey Parents? Family Ties

His parents baptized Jacob as Jacob Matthew Ramsey at the time of his birth. 

Born on 28 May 2001, Ramsey was raised at the Barr Beacon School and was a native of Birmingham's Great Barr neighborhood. Jacob was the second to be born in a family of six; his parents had three boys and one girl.

He grew up in Birmingham with his two brothers, Aaron and Cole. Jacob is his parents' firstborn son, second to his sister Renee Ramsey. His 22-year-old sister is a skilled dancer.

Jacob Ramsey's Father Was A Professional Boxer

His father, Mark Ramsey, aka "The Razor," was a former professional boxer crowned ABA champion in 1989. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Mark established himself as one of England's most dreadful boxers.

Early in his career, he faced up against Ricky Hatton twice in 1998 and 1999, losing on both occasions. Ricky would go on to become the unified light-welterweight world champion twice.

When Jacob was two years old, his father retired. The family's interest in football started when the oldest son, Jacob, began playing for the neighborhood Birmingham team after an initial after-school session. Later, when he was older and wanted to maintain health, his father would assist him with boxing drills.

Jacob Ramsey father Mark Ramsey was a pro boxer
Jacob Ramsey father Mark Ramsey was a pro boxer ( Source : thetimes )

Jacob Ramsey Brother Aaron Ramsey And Other Siblings

Jacob has two younger brothers playing at Aston Villa, Aaron and an under-aged player Cole. 

While not the only member of his family to play for Villa this season, Ramsey has been a crucial part of the under-23 squad. Similarly, his two brothers: Cole, aged 14, is flourishing at Bodymoor Heath further down the age division, and Aaron, 19, has already made a significant impact and recently led England under-17s.

With Jacob going professional this year, the possibility of having three Ramseys on one Villa club in the future is already a distinct possibility. They come from a family with no prior interest in football, which adds to the intrigue of their expedition as players. Besides, Jacob also has an elder sister Renee, a professional dancer.

All Eyes On Jacob's Younger Brother Aaron Ramsey

People often confuse his younger brother Aaron Ramser with the former Arsenal midfielder and Welsh international Aaron with the same name.

Even though he is only 19, Aaron received the Premier League 2 Player of the Month honor for March. He contributed seven goals in only three games in the early spring, and his efforts were terrific. Most people can easily see that Aaron plans to continue his brother Jacob's legacy.

Many would indicate that Aaron is poised for more incredible achievements despite his older brothers' outstanding accomplishments at such a young age.

At the age of nine, Aaron and his brother Jacob both joined Aston Villa. In March 2021, he received his first professional contract after rising from the junior divisions. Ramsey was recognized as one of England's finest young prospects when playing for the Aston Villa U23 team.

The Ramsey brothers, though, are perhaps the club's most contemporary set of brothers, talented midfielders expected to excel at the club; the oldest of the two has previously played for the Villans at the senior level.

Jacob Ramsey on the left and his brother Aaron Ramsey on the right with PL Player of the Month Award
Jacob Ramsey on the left and his brother Aaron Ramsey on the right with PL Player of the Month Award ( Source : wikiandfact )

What is Jacob Ramsey's Ethnicity? Family Origin

The 21-year-old Villa midfielder is a local of Birmingham, England, but his ethnicity is British-Jamaican. 

Born in Britain, he holds an English nationality. Jacob Ramsey's family, on the other hand, is Jamaican in terms of paternal origin. Thus, Jacob can be considered a citizen of England and Jamaica when referring to his roots.

He is a British citizen of Jamaican descent. Additionally, according to a few sources, his mother is British, and his father is Jamaican. Usain Bolt is a name that would make it easier for people to admire Jacob Ramsey's ancestry even more.

There are quite a few names of English footballers whose ancestry traces back to Jamaica. The list continues with players like Callum Wilson, Raheem Sterling, Marcus Rashford, Mason Holgate, and Danny Rose.

Jacob Ramsey family is belongs to Jamaican ethnicity
Jacob Ramsey family is belongs to Jamaican ethnicity ( Source : thetimes )

Is Jacob Ramsey Christian or Muslim?

It is unclear whether the British youngster Jacob Ramsey is a Christian follower or a Muslim admirer.

The 21-year-old does not believe it is essential to inform others of his religious faith. It is unknown if he adheres to Islam or Christianity, but one thing is certain: He is devoted to Aston Villa, and the club has a great deal of faith in him.

Jacob committed to a professional contract with Villa and has a term with the club through the end of 2027. Although he is still young, he has grown into one of the team's more prominent players, and with regular strength and conditioning work, his body is improving despite his still-slim frame. Villa has attentively watched his growth for a while, and the club's sports scientists have also kept an eye on him.

The youngster Jacob is an Aston Villa academy product
The youngster Jacob is an Aston Villa academy product ( Source : bbc )

Jacob Ramsey Net Worth in 2022, Contract And Salary Breakdown

According to Salary Sport, English football player Jacob Matthew Ramsey will have a net worth of $1 million in 2022.

The 21-year-old will make £780,000 per year at the club from his football alone without any money from endorsements and sponsorships deals.

Since 2020, his market worth has increased considerably. His anticipated 2022 market worth is £15.00 million, according to transfermarkt. Jacob extended his contract with Aston Villa on April 26, 2022, making it valid until 2027.

Career Earnings" The following table shows how Jacob's earnings have grown exponentially over the last five years.

Year Annual Salary Weekly Wages
2018 £5,200 £100
2019 £31,720     £610    
2020 £109,200     £2,100    
2021 £109,200     £2,100    
2022 £780,000     £15,000    


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