Damian Rzeszowski, 30, went on a brutal fifteen-minute killing spree which left six people dead, including his wife and two young children, in a horror that is now dubbed "The Jersey Slayings"

A 'monster' father's brutal murders of six people 10 years ago, including his wife and two young children, has left a traumatising mark on everyone involved.

Damian Rzeszowski, 30, used two kitchen knives to go on a devastating killing spree in his home in August 2011 - where he stabbed his wife sixteen times, and stabbed his daughter and another little girl a further thirteen times.

The monster killer unleashed his devastation when he returned from holiday with his family in their native Poland, which had been organised as a last ditch attempt to save their marriage.

Rzeszowski had previously discovered his wife Isabella had been entangled in a month-long affair, that she claimed she had put an end to.

After arriving back at the couple's home in Jersey, they invited their neighbour Marta, Izabela's best friend, for a barbecue.

She brought her five year old daughter, Julia, along with her.

At around 3pm, Damian armed himself with the two kitchen knifes and began his killing spree by stabbing his father-in-law while he was watching television.

He then made his way into the living room where he stabbed his 18-month-old son Kacper 16 times and five year old's Kinga and Julia another 13 times each - it is believed that neighbour Marta had witnessed these killings in the living room before being attacked herself.

His wife Izabella managed to narrowly escape the flat but was pursued down the street, and was murdered in full view of their neighbours - some of who attempted to tackle the killer with traffic cones.

Marta's body was later found outside a neighbour's house where she was reportedly crying for help, ITVC

Rzeszowski was convicted of six counts of manslaughter in 2012 but cleared of murder on the grounds of diminished responsibility following trial as he suffered from severe depression and psychotic symptoms.

The killer was six years into a 30-year prison term in Full Sutton prison, a high-security jail in Yorkshire when his body was found in 2018.

Mrs Kaczmarek now lives in the UK and is married to Krzysztof Garstka - whose sister Izabela, nephew, niece and father were killed in the knife attack.

She said: "We were shocked, although we suspected that one day he would do it as this would have been his fifth attempt at suicide. We thought that he was well guarded in prison, so there should be no chance that he could take his own life.

"I think his death may help to give us some closure.

"That is the end, but it is not my role to judge him now. Damian has to stand before God and I believe God will judge him justly."