Maria Zafic Edad: How Old Is She?

Maria Zafic looks to be around the age (edad in Spanish) range of 25-30 years old.

Her husband is about the edad of 30-35 years old. The edad difference between the two is visually noticeable.

Zafic is a student of law. From this as well we can estimate her edad. Her exact edad and date of birth is a sensory detail that she still chooses to keep to herself.

One of the reasons why she looks such young than her actual edad is exercise. Zafic loves working out as we can see on her Instagram as well. She is an avid fitness enthusiast.

Maria Zafic Wikipedia Details

Maria Zafic is yet to make her career as she is just a student now.

Maria could have a background in a different subject before studying law. Nevertheless, she still has a great home tutor who also happens to be her husband.

Zafic also provides legal services in succession, divorce, domestic abuse, swindle, homicide, home prison, extradition, civil and many more areas. Morla got the fame after fighting legal fights for Maradona.

After the death of Maradona, Zafic was the one to give a testimony explicitly stating that Maradona was killed by the negligence of medical staff. Zafic and Morla were very close with Maradona's family and even invited his family to his wedding. The wedding photos are available on Eltrece TV.

Meet Matias Morla Novia Maria Zafic on Instagram

Maria Zafic posts amazing fitness and travel photos on her Instagram at @zafic.

Her Instagram comprises of her husband Matias Morla, her working out and her pet dog, Ruben. Although the couple got married today, they are yet to announce it on Instagram.

The couple could still be busy with the ceremony. They got married privately at Duhau Palace with the presence of only 50 people. They said that will be hosting another celebration on 23rd April next year. They did not marry lavishly now out of respect for Maradona's death