'WAG Alert' Inside Christian Petracca and Girlfriend Bella Beischer Age Difference

Christian Petracca and his girlfriend Bella Beischer enjoying the sun ( Source : instagram )

Christian Petracca and girlfriend Bella Beischer are all in for the star performance on the field.

The AFL midfielder for the Melbourne Football Club never compromises appreciating her WAG and her support for him. The Australian-born athlete is famous for playing Australian rules football in the Australian Football League (AFL).

He plays in a midfield position for Melbourne Football Club but keeps an ability to play in a forwarding position when needed. Overall he is an inside-out great player and a real asset to the team.

Petracca joined Melbourne FC in 2015 and has emerged as a crucial player for the team, having played in 151 games and scored 142 goals. In addition to football, he played professional basketball games for the Victorian under-16 team and was selected for the Australian under-18 squad. He had a tremendous junior basketball career.

Quick Facts About AFL Midfielder Christian Petracca

Full NameChristian Petracca
PartnerGirlfriend Bella Beischer
ParentsElvira and Tony Petracca
SiblingsJulian and Robert Petracca
Net Worth$6 million
ProfessionAustralian rules footballer
TeamMelbourne Football Club
Height187 cm (6 ft 2 in)

AFL Star Christian Petracca about to kick the ball
AFL Star Christian Petracca about to kick the ball( Source : redbull )

Christian Petracca and Girlfriend Bella Beischer Are Of Same Age

The age difference between Melbourne FC star Christian Petracca and his girlfriend Bella Beischer is less than a year, hardly noticeable.

The Australian athlete was born on January 4, 1996, and is 26 years old, while his partner Bella marked her birth on March 27, 1996. So to be precise, the difference in their age is not even a year, two months. 

Just a couple of months after Petracca arrived on Earth, her girlfriend was born. Birthday festivities are held on March 27 for the Victoria-born Beischer. She is comparable to Christian in age, and both are 26 years old as of 2022.

At an early age, he received recognition for his vision when he was selected vice-captain of the basketball team for the Victorian Primary Schools (VPS).

His favorite childhood sport was basketball, but at the age of sixteen, he opted to pursue a football career in order to stay in Australia and be near his friends and family. As a young player for Victoria's under-12 team, Petracca quickly established himself as a skilled footballer. 

After leaving Whitefriars College, Petracca entered Swinburne University in 2014 to pursue a business and marketing degree after graduating from high school in 2013. Within the AIS-AFL Academy, he received a scholarship.

Is Christian Petracca Married? Inside Relationship With Wife to be Bella

Petracca, an AFL player, is in a relationship with Bella Beischer, but they are not yet married.

Bella Beischer, the girlfriend of Christian Petracca, was also active in tennis throughout her adolescence. Rumors say the couple has recently engaged in secret but publicly denies it. Both post tons of pictures of each other traveling to different parts of the world. 

The attention has been focused on Melbourne midfielder Petracca's personal life, particularly his relationship with Bella, as he enjoys all the attention. But they have no plans to get married anytime in the foreseeable future. They might as well keep their wedding a secret too. 

Partner Bella Beischer and Vacation Together

Despite posting multiple images of Bella on his Instagram, the 26-year-old athlete has kept her identity a secret.

But she has a Linkedin profile which writes she is a tennis player turned legal worker. Hailing from Melbourne, she attended Monash University and currently serves as a full-time worker as a Legal Operation Analyst at Hall & Wilcox.

Moreover, Bella holds dual degrees in law and the arts. She had held paralegal positions at L'Oréal and WorkSafe Victoria before starting her present job. Additionally, Bella has completed a practicum at Forty-Four Degrees, Lawyers and Consultants throughout her six years of paralegal employment. 

She began playing tennis at the young age of four and competed for Australia at the World Junior Tennis Championships, where they won bronze in 2010.
But later, Bella declared her intention to become a sports journalist. However, Bella has changed careers and established herself in the law department.

Christian Petracca wife to be partner Bella Beischer
Christian Petracca wife to be partner Bella Beischer ( Source : instagram )

Who Are Christian Petracca Parents? Family Life Details

Christian Petracca's success as a football player has made his parents delighted.

Born in January 1996 to Italian parents Elvira and Tony Petracca, Petracca was raised along with his two brothers. Last year in September 2021, Petracca's father Tony was super joyed by his son's play in AFL grand final and said he "jumped for joy."

Tony Petracca remarked in an interview with ABC Radio Melbourne that his entire family was overjoyed; Christian for winning the Norm Smith Medal. Later, he also disclosed that his son was terrified of losing the trophy, so he did not wear it very often.

"We said, 'oh, where's your Norm Smith?' Christian replied, 'I've got it tucked away; I don't want to lose that because who knows, it could fall off."

Petracca was born to his parents Elvira and Tony Petracca
Petracca was born to his parents Elvira and Tony Petracca ( Source : theinnersanctum )

Petracca Brothers And 3 Siblings Bond

Christian Petracca grew up in Australia with his two elder brothers, Robert and Julian Petracca.

He is the youngest of the three siblings and a standout player for Melbourne, while Julian, the elder brother, is starting to establish his name in the game.

Julian Petracca, the captain of the Mitcham Tigers. The No. 2 pick in the draft, Christian Petracca, chose to forego his football game to see his younger brother play his first game for the Demons on draft day.

The fact that Julian witnessed the draft from the viewpoint of a sibling is one of his greatest strengths as a player agent. He experienced the joy of Christian being selected as a recruit with the second choice and the low of witnessing his brother suffer an ACL injury during his first AFL preseason.

"My job is to guide them all through it. I'm still quite young, still playing footy, and understand the pressures of society and social media." his older brother Julian said.

When Christian played for Victoria at the under-12 level, his talent as a player was seen at a young age. In his younger years, he played football for the Park Orchards, Warrandyte, and Beverley Hills clubs. Aside from football, he stood out in every sport he attempted, including basketball, cricket, soccer, and tennis.

Picture of Christian Petracca with his family including his two brothers
Picture of Christian Petracca with his family including his two brothers ( Source : instagram )

AFL Star Christian Petracca Net Worth Is $6 Million

The Australian-born, Melbourne Football Club midfielder makes a decent income and has a net worth of $6 million as of 2022.

Petracca is an outstanding footballer and has been an influential player in AFL since he made his debut in 2016 the same year he was nominated for AFL Rising Star in Round 9.

He reportedly signed a new seven-year contract extension with Melbourne Football Club. According to reports, the contract is for $6.5 million. The club compensates him $900,000 a season. 

Moreover, Petracca has a respectable number of sponsorships thanks to his excellent, long-lasting career. He represents Nike as an athlete. Along with that, he has commercial affiliations with Doordash Australia, Optimum Nutrition, YoPRO, and Foot Locker Australia, which helps him generate millions of dollars per year.


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