Songs With August In The Title

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The eighth month of the year, August, represents a time of change and new beginnings
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Songs with August in the title are 1. August by Taylor Swift 2. August Moon by The 69 Eyes 3. This August Day by Saint Asonia, and more.

The eighth month in the calendar, August, is associated with the peak of summer's heat, the anticipation of fall, and a feeling of change.

Many songwriters have penned the track using the word August in the title, each with distinct interpretations and significance. The songs about August are presented in a diverse music genre, spanning pop, rock, indie, country, and more.

Here we have listed ten songs about August in various genres.

Songs With August In The Title

Songs NameRelease Year
August by Taylor Swift2020
August Moon by The 69 Eyes2004
This August Day by Saint Asonia2019
Dear August by Noah Cyrus and PJ Harding2021
August Moon by Sara Bareilles2008
August by No Vacation2015
August Day Song by Bebel Gilberto2000
August Is Over by We The Kings2007
August Town by Duane Stephenson2007
The First Day in August by Carole King1972

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1. August by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift August song was released on July 24, 2020, from her eighth album Folklore. Taylor composed the track along with Jack Antonoff.

It is a dream pop and guitar pop ballad that runs for four minutes and twenty-one seconds. The singer portrays a vivid image of lost summer love, employing August as a symbol of something beautiful.

The single received positive reviews from critics for its production and Taylor's songwriting skills.

The record was also a commercial hit and appeared on several country charts upon its release. It appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at number 23 in the United States on August 8, 2020.

2. August Moon by The 69 Eyes

A well-known Finland-based band, The 69 Eyes, recorded a single titled August Moon. August Moon has a duration of three minutes and thirty-seven seconds.

The single was dropped from the album named Devils in 2004. The repeated question 'Do you believe?'  towards the end of the track might be perceived as a challenge, encouraging the listener to think about what they do and don't believe in.

The lyrics of the song go as follows:

In August moon - let me follow you
In August moon - let me follow you down
Let me follow you down

3. This August Day by Saint Asonia

One of the songs about August is This August Day by Saint Asonia. It was dropped from Flawed Design in 2019.

The single holds a deep personal significance for Saint Asonia. It reflects the vocalist's own experience when he was unable to attend the birth of his son. He could not be with his family due to being in rehab for substance abuse.

The track shows his feelings of regret and sadness and his determination to become a better person so that he can always be there on any special occasion in life.

The singer expresses gratitude for being able to find the correct path in life because of the challenges and obstacles he faced.

4. Dear August by Noah Cyrus and PJ Harding

Dear August by Noah Cyrus and PJ Harding is all about loneliness, emotional pain, and searching for hope in hard times.

Lyrically, the track shows longing and vulnerability as the narrator feels lost and lacking certainty regarding their journey in life. The line below shows the feeling of loneliness, isolation, and yearning for love:

When I got no one to hold me through the dark

The chorus introduces August as a symbolic figure of light and optimism. The narrator in the track pleads with August to guide them through a difficult and uncertain time.

Dear August, tell me that there's light
At the end of all this starless night
Dear August, please don't let me fall
'Cause I don't know where this road is headed anymore

5. August Moon by Sara Bareilles

One of the August song, August Moon, by Sara Bareilles, was released from the album Between The Lines: Live At The Fillmore in 2008.

It is a soulful ballad that shows the theme of love and longing. The song is all about the singer's ex, who cheated on her.

The lyrics below show the meaning that the singer was watching her ex and his girlfriend spending time together while they remained unaware of her presence.

Surprise, dear
You both don't know
That I'm here watching alone
My worst fear, now my home

The lyrics below show that when her ex's girlfriend looks at him with love, the singer gets hurt.

Her eyes they shine on you
While I stay under the august moon
And I pray sleep comes soon

6. August by No Vacation

No Vacation recorded the track August. It is an indie pop track that captures the melancholic shift from summer to fall.

It is the fifth song from the album Amo XO, which was released in 2015. The song captures the feeling of nostalgia and deep yearning for the past, especially those summer days.

The single shows the bittersweet emotions that arise with the season change, and its nostalgic tone reflects the fleeting nature of summer time and the memories they encompass.

The track has a duration of three minutes and ten seconds, and the chorus below shows the longing for a simple and happy time.

Truth, is I missed those summer days
Oh, the good ol' days
Oh, the good ol' days

7. August Day Song by Bebel Gilberto

One of the songs with August in the lyrics is August Day Song. It is a gentle bossa nova track that was performed by Brazilian artist Bebel Gilberto.

Released from the album Tanto Tempo on April 15, 2000, August Day Song runs for four minutes and thirty-seven seconds. Bebel wrote the single along with Chris Franck and Nina Miranda.

In the song, August symbolizes the serene, dreamy day where troubles are left behind, beautifully capturing the languid pace of the late summer.

8. August Is Over by We The Kings

Pop rock band We The Kings performed the song August Is Over. In the track, the band uses the word August as a symbol of Change.

The song is all about a summer love story where two college-bound students fall in love with each other that is about to end. They wish to remain together but their proposal is rejected due to their geographical distance from each other.

As the title suggests, the track marks the end of a period and the beginning of a new time. The lyrics of the single are given below:

Breathe in deep
Before I say
I can feel us slip away
You're almost gone
You're good as gone
August is over
We're not the reason
August is over

9. August Town by Duane Stephenson

August Town by Duane Stephenson is one of the songs with August in the title. It was released from the album August Town on Sep 25, 2007.

It is a reggae song that reflects the life within the community of August Town, a neighborhood situated in Kingston, Jamaica. The heartfelt lyrics of the track and Stephenson’s emotive vocals make it a powerful anthem of optimism, hope, and resilience.

The lyrics are all about the journey of a person who used to live a life filled with violence and difficulties but then embraced faith and sound redemption.

The protagonist shows his regard to God in the song for rescuing and guiding him through the difficult phase of life.

Even with past errors, the protagonist is grateful to God for the opportunities that he gets in life and wants to change the world for the better.

10. The First Day in August by Carole King

The First Day in August was recorded by Carole King. The song is all about a relationship between two people.

The track captures the anticipation and excitement that come with a new beginning, especially emphasizing the importance of the August month.

The first verse below shows the desire and wish to wake up next to someone special on the first day of August, subsequent to a passionate night together in July. This represents the transition from one month to another, serving as a symbol of starting a new phase in a relationship.

On the first day in August
I wanna wake up by your side
After sleeping with you
On the last night in July
In the morning
We'll catch the sun rising
And we'll chase it from the mountains
To the bottom of the sea