Things to do in San Antonio on the riverwalk are 1) The Alamo 2) Tower of The Americas 3) Japanese Tea Garden 4) Hemisfair.

Fun things to do in San Antonio on the riverwalk include Six Flags Fiesta Texas. It is a theme park in Northwest San Antonio TX 78257.

San Antonio Riverwalk, or Paseo del Rio is famous for its beautiful landscape stretched half a mile facing the San Antonio River. The Riverwalk is also known for its spectacular views of historical landmarks, restaurants, theme parks and hotels.

If you are looking forward to spending your weekend or vacation walking down the isle of the San Antonio River, here is a list of things that can upscale your visit.

Experience The Boat Cruise at San Antonio River

What is more magical than spending quality time with your loved ones on the water? The magic will be tripled if you find a perfect boat ride to take you on a journey to experience the enchanting views of historical landmarks.

Nothing can beat the warmth of a hot summer more than a cool breeze blowing over you while taking a boat ride. You get to experience the chilly wind blowing up your hair while you can't stop yourself from gazing at every nook and cranny along the way.

From the smell of fresh air and greenery to the chorus of birds, everything is possible to experience if you visit San Antonio as your holiday gateway.

As San Antonio is one of the top tourist destinations of all time. The city tour is incomplete without watching the promising landscapes and landmarks via a cruise.

A magical boat ride to San Antonio river walk, the boat services are provided by Go Rio Cruises
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In fact, a boat ride is one of the top things to do on the riverwalk in San Antonio. The tour is officially operated by Go Rio Cruises, who are there to present you with your dream ride.

Go Rio Cruise offers a 35 minutes ride from downtown to the Museum reach. Or you can purchase a pass for unlimited access to the water taxi to hop on and off your required destination.

What's more? Many of the eateries around the riverwalk proffers dining cruises for their clients. That means you can enjoy the scenic view while having your favourite meal.

Vacationers can purchase the ticket for the desired ride on the river bank.

Enjoy A Drink Or Two At The Esquire Tavern

Enjoying a classic drink with your folks at The Esquire Tavern is a relaxing stuff to do in San Antonio. The bar is famous for its signature drink Moscow Mule.

The Esquire Tavern proudly presents the longest wooden bar, over 100 feet. As they say, it is soaked in beers dripped by the zillions of boozers over the years.

Here's a fun fact about the bar, The Esquire Tavern has been serving visitors since 1933 to remark the end of the prohibition era. Also, it is considered one of the oldest bars in Texas.

The Esquire Tavern established in 1933 is famous for serving Moscow Mule
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Not only the famous Moscow Mule, but the bar also boasts about its famous fried pickles, deviled eggs, collard greens, and bison burger. And the best part about the Esquire is their balcony view of the river.

You can enjoy your favourite cocktails with their amazing selection of snacks. As they say, the Esquire Tavern is a treat for the eye and the tastebuds. 

Visit The Historical Museums on San Antonio Riverwalk

If you are wondering what to do on the Riverwalk in San Antonio Texas, the answer is simple. There are dozens of historical landmarks and museums on every river corner.

San Antonio Riverwalk is the home to various museums that is significantly historic. From The Alamo to The Guenther House Museum, they have a story to tell.

San Antonio Museum of Art presents 5,000 years of global culture.
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The Alamo is one of the foremost museums on the riverwalk. It presents the theme of heroism shown by the Texans during the battle of the Alamos with the Mexicans.

Besides Alamo, the must-visit Museums of San Antonio are

  • Briscoe Western Art Museum
  • San Antonio Museum of Art
  • Hopscotch
  • Witte Museum
  • McNay Art Museum
  • The DoSeum

What To Do On The Riverwalk In San Antonio Texas?

You can watch a show at Arneson River Theater in San Antonio Texas Riverwalk. The amphitheatre has a well-arranged seating capacity of over 800.

After enjoying the beautiful landscapes around the river, one might seek a place to relax. If that's the case, there's Arneson River Theater or the Aztec Theater for your rescue.

The Aztec Theatre is an event venue in Texas established in 1926.
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Watching music concerts, plays, and operas might be one of your things to do on the riverwalk this weekend.

Besides Arneson, there is Aztec Theatre for your entertainment. The event venue is located at 104 N St Mary's St, San Antonio, TX 78205.

The theatre has much more to offer than the regular plays and concerts. There are art galleries and artisan shops just behind the riverwalk, which is a quick stroll from the riverwalk.

Furthermore, Aztech was established in 1926. Per the locals,  it is considered one of the Mesoamerican architectural works of art.

Things To Do On The Riverwalk San Antonio At Night

Watching the night sky, colourful lights, candlelight dinners or live music concerts at the theatre, there are many things to do on the San Antonio Riverwalk at night.

The experience of spending a night at the Riverwalk with your love is one of the most legendary experiences of your life. Regarding a perfect celebration, the Riverwalk is the best destination for spending Valentine's Day, Anniversary, or Honeymoon.

Night life on the Riverwalk is an amazing experience, especially during the holidays
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Similarly, strolling around the Riverwalk is a romantic thing to do, especially at night. It is one of the free things to do in San Antonio Riverwalk

Activities during the day at the Riverwalk is fun, but consuming the magical evening on the premises gives you another level of enjoyment and peace. You can enjoy a drink or your favourite snack while pedalling through the river, watching the city covered in colourful lights.

Besides, the Riverwalk is famous for 4th of July fireworks and holiday lights during Christmas and New Year's. Many bars, breweries, and pubs are located on the Riverwalk.

They all have various music and events to offer on beautiful summer nights.

Get Married On The Marriage Island

San Antonio is the best option if you are looking for an exceptional wedding venue. Did you know the Riverwalk has a particular spot for hosting weddings??

Yes, you heard it right. Marriage Island on the Riverwalk is a specially dedicated spot to get married on the Riverwalk. The Island hosts intimate weddings and can make your wedding dreams come true.

Marriage Island is located near Hotel Contessa, which is in the middle of the river. It is also heart-shaped and set to bring good luck to marriages.

Marriage Island which is especially dedicated to hosting weddings
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Here is a list of things you can do in the Riverwalk at night

  • Bike Ride
  • Bar Hop
  • Night Club
  • Night Boating
  • Candle Light Dinner
  • Watch Plays

Enter The World of Plant And Butterflies At San Antonio Botanical Garden

Discovering hidden treasures and plant varieties at San Antonio Botanical Garden are things to do along the San Antonio River walk.

The garden is located at 555 Funston Pl, San Antonio, TX 78209 and is filled with thousands of flowers and butterflies hopping over the flowers. The garden is famous for its botanical diversity, education, and environmental stewardship.

San Antonio Botanical Garden is spread on 38 acres of land, it was opened for public on 3 May 1980
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Furthermore, the botanical garden is filled with thousands of Beloved Texas Bluebonnets, pink evening Primroses, basket-flowers, Indian blankets, and California Poppies.

They conserve the varieties of endangered plants and flowers, which is a plus point of the garden. You can watch every nooks and crannies of the garden using their mobility scooter services.

Celebrate Tejano Conjunto Festival

Tejano Conjunto Festival is an internationally recognized annual-longest-running conjunto festival in the country. The festival is celebrated on the Riverwalk for 40 years.

Conjunto is a musical festival with great significance to the Mexican community. It showcases the blend of two diverse cultures of Mexican-Texan heritage. When the two traditions blend, they form a unique and characteristic art form.

Tejano Conjunto Festival is the blend of Texan-Mexican culture
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The Tejano Festival is organized by the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center in San Antonio. The celebration includes dinner, dance, performances and lights.

The Fiesta Celebration

The Fiesta celebration in San Antonio is held for 10 days every year in April. The Fiesta began in 1891 in honour of the Alamo heroes who lost their lives in the battle of San Jacinto.

Their sacrifice led to the birth of the Republic of Texas, which is now celebrated in San Antonio with the Texas Cavaliers River Parade.

The Fiesta began in 1891 during the Alamo war-the festival includes parades,carnivals and performances
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A block party is also held at La Villita during the festival, along with the parade. Additionally, musical and cultural events and dances are performed at the Riverwalk theatre and around the city.

Melodious Mariachi Music

Mariachi is the ensemble of various stringed instruments. The melodious music is the soul of Mexican culture.

Restaurants on the Riverwalk have Mariachu music, a delight to the ears. You are there soaking in the Riverwalk's nightlife, and your joy is further elevated by the musical ensemble.

Mariachi Music is the soul of Mexican heritage- it is composed by the ensemble of stringed musical instruments
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Listening to Mexican Maruachu music while on a date night with your better half is a treat. When the musicians are dressed in traditional charro suits, the ambience is worthwhile.

The performers take requests for special songs of your choice. Can your date night get any better??

Mouthwatering Texan-Mexican Cuisine

There are hundreds of mouthwatering cuisine around the riverwalk, which celebrates the rich culture of Mexico and Texas. If you are a fan of Tex-Mex, you will love Rosario's.

But if you are tired of the Texan-style food, Mixtli and Chisme is the star of the show. They are famous for regional Mexican food such as Chileatole de pollo: Chicken stew, Enchilada Guatemalteca, Jade, and Chuchitos.

Mexican-Texan fusion food is the best cuisine found in San Antonio
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And there's Visit Bistro09 for French cookery. Bistro09 is famous for its Escargots Comme D'habitude, Tempura Shrimp, Seared Tuna Salad Nicoise, and Cheese and Charcuterie.

Likewise, Battalion is an Italian casual dining-style restaurant in San Antonio. The Battalion restaurant is famed for classic Italian plates & cocktails which are served in a historic, restored firehouse.

Other restaurants around the Riverwalk are-

  • Botika for Asian fusion
  • Grayze for casual American comfort food 
  • Shuck Shack for its seafood.
  • Hard Rock Cafe
  • Rainforest Cafe