'Quite A Transformation' Find Golfer Scott Stallings's Before and After Photos Following His Weight Loss

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Scott Stallings is an American professional golfer who has shocked his fans after posting before and after pictures of his weight loss.

Scott Stallings has been a dedicated member of the PGA Tour for ten years & has won three times during that time, extraordinary accomplishments that many fans may not be aware of.

Stallings, who was 50 pounds overweight and struggling to keep up on the PGA Tour, decided to make a lifestyle change. But his crazy transformation has shocked the fans & also has motivated most people to lose weight.

Scott Stallings Weight Loss Journey Explored Along With His Before And After Photos

The three-time TOUR champion currently weighs 185 pounds & has a body fat percentage of under 10%. On the other hand, Stallings wasn't concerned with appearances when he began transforming his physique around three years ago; he was concerned with his health & quality of life.

Stallings was exhausted all of the time. Stallings slept a lot but never felt fully refreshed, and occasionally in that fog, he couldn't recall what he'd done the day before. He also didn't eat well, believing that if he worked hard enough, he would be able to compensate for his poor eating habits, but this was not the case.

Scott Stallings before & after his weight loss.
Scott Stallings before & after his weight loss.

As a result, he saw an endocrinologist at UCLA, a doctor he likens to a mix between the title character from the TV show "House" & Colonel Sanders.

He conducted testing on Stallings for two days and determined that the three-time TOUR winner's adrenal system was in disarray. Stallings was set on a two-year journey to heath by the doctor. Sweet potatoes, barley, and milk were all deadly allergens for him.

The recent series of pictures he has posted to his Instagram account compared to his older images have shocked all of his fans. 

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Scott Stalling Health Update 

Scott's doctor's checkup made him realize how much he had been ignoring. Stallings used to eat 15,000 calories a day and did not exercise because he had a bad connection with food.

Scott had it bad, with obstructive sleep apnea & a terrible digestive system owing to lack of sleep. He finally fell into a downward cycle of unhealthy weight gain due to this.

Scott Stallings during one of his games.
Scott Stallings during one of his games.

Scott Stallings lost a lot of weight by following a well-planned diet & exercising regularly. The pro golfer has also turned into a gym rat, tweeting about his exercise accomplishments and inspiring others to pay attention to their health.

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Explore Scott Stalling Net Worth

There is no official comment on Scott Stallings' net worth. However, given that he has been a member of the PGA Tour for ten consecutive seasons, his net worth in 2022 might be over $10 million.

Scott's principal source of income is his vocation as a professional golfer, but he also has other streams of payment such as brand sponsorship and has amassed wealth while being grounded.

Scott won the Greenbrier Classic in July 2011 for his first PGA Tour victory, moving him from 88th to 26th in the FedEx Cup standings.